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About Us

Owner Alda Diaz loves to share her Honduran food and culture.

About Us

Owner Alda Diaz loves to share her Honduran food and culture.

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Mami Monchita’s goes beyond a mere business venture. We strive to bring to the table of our patrons and friends the authentic taste of our savory cuisine. As we share a meal together, we also open up our hearts to the warmth of our people and the richness of our culture. But most importantly, Mami Monchita’s was founded on Mami’s exemplary life of love and service to others. As such, a percentage of our profit is dedicated to support Viveros de Amor (Greenhouse of Love), a children’s project in our coffee-producing native town of El Paraíso, Honduras, that provides food, tutoring, school supplies, and other opportunities to little ones in need.

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Mami Monchita’s va más allá de un simple proyecto de negocios. Nos esforzamos por llevar a la mesa de nuestros clientes y amigos el auténtico sabor de nuestra deliciosa gastronomía. Al compartir juntos esta comida, abrimos también nuestros corazones a la calidez de nuestra gente y la riqueza de nuestra cultura. Pero aún más importante, Mami Monchita’s fue fundada en la vida ejemplar de amor y servicio a los demás de Mami. Por lo tanto, un porcentaje de nuestras ganancias es utlizado para apoyar el proyecto Vivero de Amor (Greenhouse of Love), un proyecto de niños en nuestro pueblito natal y productor de café llamado El Paraíso en Honduras. Este proyecto provee alimentación, tutoría, artículos escolares, y otras oportunidades a muchos pequeños necesitados.

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Our Story

Our story begins in a small town nestled in the mountains of Honduras called El Paraíso, where our Mami, “Monchita,” learned to create flavorful and fresh meals for her large family of nine using simple and local ingredients. Gathered around the family table, she also taught her children to share and serve others. The food was not always abundant in our home, but there was always enough to share with friends or anyone in need of a meal.

The first of our siblings to come to the United States was Reina in 1989. She was followed by her sister Alda and her brother, Edwin. Mami came later. Mami selflessly left the only town she had ever known to come to the U.S. and care for two of her grandchildren. We lost Mami in 2006, but she had passed on to us her love of Honduran cuisine through her delicious recipes and her spirit of service to others.

And that is why, in 2017, we decided to open a small restaurant that would embody Mami’s love of and skill for cooking and her love of people. Our goal for Mami Monchita’s is twofold: to contribute to the cultural landscape of our adopted home by bringing to Frankfort a taste of authentic Honduran cuisine; and to share a portion of the restaurant’s profits with the needy in the place of our birth.

Thanks to your support, Mami Monchita’s has become the favorite spot for many in Frankfort and the surrounding area to enjoy flavorful, fresh and authentic Honduran meals. Our patrons come here to savor the freshness, flavors and simplicity of our cuisine. In doing so, they contribute to the mission of our small non-profit in El Paraíso, which we call “Víveros de Amor” – “Greenhouses of Love.” “Víveros” provides needy children in El Paraíso and the surrounding area with food, tutoring, school supplies and other opportunities to improve their lives.

We are deeply grateful for you, for your support, and for the many blessings we receive each day.

Eat. Love. Share.

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